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Programs Available

Programs available

Queensland Youth and Families Support Servicess Inc. delivers many specialised program within the Ipswich, greater Springfield and Rosewood community. These program include:
Join the Dots

Peer program is for young people (12- 21-year-old) to meet, connect and learn about issues that affect everyday life.

Every week we meet for 1 hour to discuss relevant topics such as :

  • The identity that shapes me
  • Understanding Anger
  • Communication
  • Managing Emotions
  • Relaxation
  • Problem-solving
Healthy Relationship *

The Healthy Relationship program enables participants (aged 12+) to identify what constitutes a healthy relationship and enables them to conduct relationship health checks.

The program consists of several sessions which can be delivered as individual units or as a complete package.

  • How does the relationship affect my life?
  • Cues on Violence
  • Focus on Physical Abuse
  • Managing Emotions
  • The 21 warning signs of a violent person
  • Focus on Emotional Abuse
  • Focus on Sexual Harassment
  • How healthy is your relationship?
  • Balancing You, Me and Us.
Bullying Workshop *

Short presentation (up to 90 minutes) regarding bullying and Cyber-bullying that allows participants (aged 12+) to understand their rights and understand the consequences of bullying. Provides participants with ways to identify and appropriately address bullying.

Anger Management *

This program (7 sessions) is designed to be delivered to anyone (whether or not they identify as having an anger management issue). It assists participants how to deal effectively with their emotions (anger) and recognise what can make them angry. This program can be delivered in a group setting or individually. Subjects covered in this program include:

  • Clarifying Expectations
  • Characteristics of People with Anger Issues
  • Focus on Physical Abuse
  • Causes of Anger
  • Triggers
  • Healthy vs Unhealthy Anger
  • Importance of Body Language
  • Dysfunctional Thoughts
  • Dealing with another Person’s Anger
  • Develop an Anger Management Plan
Love Bites *

Extremely successful domestic and family violence and sexual assault prevention program. It is based on the best practice standards for educational programs. It can be delivered within a school-based or community-based environment. (Age 15 and above).

Love Bites Junior *

Love Bites Junior is a respectful relationship program designed for young people (11-14 years old)

Tenancy Institute -Skill set for successful tenancies *

The tenancy skills – Skill set for successful tenancies – dollars and sense is a free program (aged 16 +) competency-based training program that up skills people in the private rental market.

The program is designed to help tenants successfully secure and keep a rental tenancy. Topics covered include: rights and responsibilities, cleaning and budgeting

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Employment Skills (Job Ready Workshops) *

Delivered to clients who are unable to access Transitional To Work or Job active. This program includes resume and cover letter writing, Interview preparation and techniques and other vocational skills as required by the client.

* - These programs provided on demand - See Events Page for current program dates or call 3818 1050, if you would like to book one of these programs in your school or community.